Hale Hearing has been serving the people of Medicine Hat since 1997.  Our aim is to improve people's lives every day; we offer a full service clinic with audio exams and provide top quality digital hearing devices tailored to meet your hearing needs and desires.  

We understand that choosing a hearing aid is just the beginning of the journey to better hearing. We'll guide you through the process of cleaning, maintaining and operating your hearing aids to make your period of adjustment as smooth as possible.

Each hearing life deserves very special treatment. It's what we believe. It's the reason why we treat every hearing aid fitting as a life-changing opportunity. Our hearing professionals share this philosophy, and each will work closely with you to help ensure you get the world's best hearing solutions.

We believe innovative technology and personal service go hand in hand. That's why we back our advanced hearing products with superior customer service and support. From our hearing professionals to patient counseling, warranties, maintenance and repair, when you wear Hale Hearing aids, you will notice a difference both in your hearing and the support we provide.

We know the art and science of hearing better than anyone else. This expertise, coupled with our made-for-you approach, has led to our superior patient satisfaction and success rates.

A truly custom fit begins with an accurate understanding of you. Our hearing professionals have the most comprehensive diagnostic equipment available to measure your hearing ability, ear canal shape and inner ear acoustics. This allows us to create a hearing aid that meets your specific needs and matches your unique lifestyle — right from the start