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Wi Series

Enjoy life at your own volume
Wi Series™ are Starkey’s advanced wireless hearing aids that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard. Featuring our latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, they are designed to deliver improved sound clarity even in the noisiest situations.
Wi Series can also stream stereo sound from your TV, radio, computer and even your cell phone directly to your hearing aids. With Wi Series, you can enjoy hands-free phone conversations and listen to TV or radio at the volume you want, while others around you can listen at the volume that’s most comfortable for them.

Talk to your hearing professional to see if Wi Series hearing aids are right for you.

Wi Series Features:
PureWave Feedback EliminatorVirtually eliminates buzzing and whistling.
Voice iQ²Designed to maintain speech understanding in noisy environments and reduce listening effort.*
InVision DirectionalityEnhances Voice iQ² by pinpointing sounds you want to hear and minimizing those you don't.
PhoneUsed with SurfLink Mobile, can enable hands-free cell phone conversation, while Automatic Telephone Response detects when you’re on the phone and adjusts setting for optimal listening.
Music & TelevisionAutomatically adjusts to the preset music and TV listening settings most comfortable for you — while optional SurfLink Media can stream audio from TV, computer or MP3 player directly to your hearing aids.
HydraShield®²Makes your hearing aid resistant to water, wax, sweat, oil and corrosion.
Sweep™ TechnologyLets you adjust memory or volume with a simple touch of your finger.
Spectral iQReplicates hard-to-hear high frequency sounds in lower frequencies, designed to enhance and expand audibility.
Self LearningGradually & automatically learns your volume control preferences for less manual adjustments.
Convenient Intuitive FeaturesAutomatic voice and tone indicators tell you the status of your hearing aid and your hearing aid battery.
Ear-to-Ear Wireless CommunicationCoordinates communication between hearing aids, eliminating the need to manually adjust both devices.

*Sarampalis, A., Kalluri, S., Edwards, B., Hafter, E. (2009). Objective measures of listening effort: Effects of background noise and noise reduction. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 1230-1240.

Features may vary based on model and technology level.